Traditional spectrometers are bulky and expensive. MEMS enables both miniaturization and cuts in production costs, creating opportunities for totally new applications. Even single-chip spectrometers can be fabricated.

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Microelectromechanical systems or MEMS are based on components with tiny moveable structures. It is astonishing how widely MEMS can be applied in various fields. It is already in use for example in vehicles, printers, projectors, mobile terminals, cameras, timing devices, safety and security systems, and healthcare applications.

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An integrated circuit manufacturing line was developed at VTT in the 1980s. The process line has since been used for fabrication of MEMS, integrated passive circuits and discrete radio-frequency components, photonic, and microfluidic devices.

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  • 11.11.2014

    VTT presented MEMS Microspectrometers and Spectral Engines was a finalist in MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase in MEMS Executive Congress US 2014 Read more

  • 04.04.2014

    Superior low-cost air quality measurement using MEMS technology, see and download our White Paper. Read more

  • 05.02.2014

    VTT Group is now also ISO 14001 certified. Read more


Within VTT Group, commercial production of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and other micro- and nanoelectronic devices is carried out by VTT Memsfab Ltd. The company offers versatile contract manufacturing services based on extensive technical expertise, a unique equipment environment and a comprehensive co-operation network. VTT Memsfab Ltd. provides manufacturing services for both national and international customers.

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