Contract manufacturing service is offered in the following micro- and nanotechnologies and device types:

   Thin-film surface micromachining (poly-Si, silicon nitride, amorphous metal)

   Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) MEMS or MOEMS

   Superconductive device fabrication

   Silicon photonics and microfluidics

   Thin-film radio frequency (RF) devices and circuits

   Radiation detectors

We mostly use 150 mm Semi standard circular wafers for substrate (silicon, SOI, cavity-SOI or fused silica). Our products are typically partly or fully processed wafers, delivered undiced or diced on a dicing tape. Read more of the cleanroom equipment in our brochure.

We are flexible working with companies having moderate production volume needs, 10…10 000 wafers yearly. If the chip is small, 10 000 wafers can occupy more than 10 million chips.