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What we do

VTT Memsfab Ltd provides low-to-medium volume wafer processing services. Working with VTT, we help you to quickly create new MEMS and optical components using our pre-developed technology platforms, IPR and expertise.

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Our Foundry

VTT Memsfab Ltd is part of VTT’s Manufacturing Services group. The team of 30+ people jointly operate the Micronova facility in Espoo Finland, the largest ‘R&D to production’ fab in the Nordic countries.

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Technology & Applications

We believe that developing a robust manufacturing process requires expert knowledge of device functionality and applications. We offer a diverse range of material processing technologies and have broad experience in many markets.

News & Events

Customer story: Monitoring plant wellbeing more accurately, more quickly

Hyperspectral imaging is an extremely accurate method to identify and distinguish different materials based on the light reflection properties of chemical compounds. Specim set out to miniaturise chemical imaging from bulky industrial equipment down to a hand-held, point-and-shoot device for more efficient plant stress and disease monitoring.

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