Our Foundry

Fab operations

Production Management System

Having a diverse range of processes to manage and control requires a comprehensive set of systems and procedures to ensure efficient and stable operations.

The fab operates an internally developed software package that integrates production management, equipment status, process control and traceability for every batch we process.




New Product Introduction

Our work typically involves taking a process flow developed by R&D on one of our technology platforms within the fab. Our technology platform managers will then work closely with our customer to agree on the final process flows, the control plan and critical-to-quality parameters to be achieved on each process step. Full production documentation and associated metrology plans are then created before the batch processing commences.

We can also work to adapt new process flows and coordinate specialist outsourced processing with other fabs as needed.

Process Control

The process engineering team provides comprehensive engineering support for key process technologies, striving to improve both capability and stability of equipment. Using techniques such as SPC and 8D problem solving, the team keeps track of inherent equipment performance, addressing non-conformance issues in a disciplined way when they occur.

They work closely with the in-house maintenance team who deliver primary coverage for fab operations. With a goal of minimizing unplanned outages and increasing available capacity and throughput, the team meticulously monitors and analyses performance of key equipment through our Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) program.