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Past event: PIC International 2018

Meet us at PIC International 2018 – a must-attend event with influencers and innovators! The event will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 10th -11th April 2018.

The key themes of the conference are:

  • Moving the data: PICs for cloud computing and telecoms
  • Refining the PIC: achieving the next milestone in performance
  • Delivering the goods: advances in PIC manufacturing
  • PIC Design, simulation and packaging: a blueprint for future success
  • PIC horizons: new and emerging applications for integrated photonics

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Hyperspectral imaging is an extremely accurate method to identify and distinguish different materials based on the light reflection properties of chemical compounds. Specim set out to miniaturise chemical imaging from bulky industrial equipment down to a hand-held, point-and-shoot device for more efficient plant stress and disease monitoring.

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