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Our technology platforms

Our manufacturing utilizes pre-developed technology platforms that can be adapted to help you develop custom products for your specific application needs.

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Silicon Photonics

Silicon Photonics solutions based on a novel, low-loss thick SOI platform. Compact photonic integrated circuits using proprietary structures and process flows for optical communication and sensor applications.


Hyperspectral Components

Mass-producible optical MEMS-based Fabry-Perot filters for high-volume spectroscopy applications, and piezo-actuated tunable filter structures (Piezo FPI) for customised high-performance optical instruments.


MEMS Technologies

Emerging and conventional MEMS platforms including surface MEMS, SOI MEMS and Piezo-MEMS CSOI processing capabilities. Focus on thin film based micro acoustic filters, resonators and sensors.

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Silicon Detectors

Proprietary processing know-how to manufacture pixel detectors from a few microns in size to large area devices for medical and high energy physics applications.

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Quantum Devices

Superconducting and tunnel-junction devices such as SQUID sensors for highly sensitive medical imaging applications.

Application areas

We work with customers serving many industries and applications.

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VTT has worked on communications applications designing RF, sensing and other components from the early days of mobile phones. More recent work includes optical components for data centres and networks.

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Chips made in Micronova can be found in medical imaging products such as dental X-Ray and MEG brain scanners. Our hyperspectral sensors are finding new uses in low cost diagnostic applications.

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Our MEMS work includes automotive applications such as fuel quality sensing. Autonomous vehicles are bringing new opportunities for sensing, hyperspectral imaging and LIDAR.

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VTT designed sensors have long been used in industrial process control applications in the paper manufacturing, chemical processing and agriculture sectors.

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Spectrometers and communication systems manufactured in Micronova have been used on satellites and UAVs for ground observation and imaging.

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VTT designed hyperspectral MFPI sensors are widely used for environmental monitoring applications such and CO2 or other gas sensing applications.