Technology & Applications

Hyperspectral Components

Fabry-Perot Interferometers

FPI tunable wavelength filters can be combined with different types of detectors and optical light sources to realise hand-held optical instruments and sensors. Optical spectroscopy is an attractive measurement method for various applications; it can be used to identify and characterise materials, gases and substances based on their unique spectral fingerprints in a non-contact, selective manner. 

We distinguish our FPI technology by means of two different manufacturing platforms: mass-producible optical MEMS-based chips (MOEMS FPI) for high-volume applications, and the separately assembled piezo-actuated tunable filter structures (Piezo FPI) for customised high-performance PFPI optical instruments.

More information on the technology platform is available from VTT’s Hyperspectral technology webpage.

MEMS FPI Platform

MEMS devices provide a low-cost, compact solution for hyperspectral imaging. Available in different wavelength ranges depending on application need. Suitable for hyperspectral and multispectral measurements at high speed. The spectral resolution is as low as 5 nm, and aperture size can vary from 1- 4 mm. Suitable for higher-volume, price-sensitive applications

The research team has developed MOEMS FPI process platforms for visible, NIR, IR and thermal IR wavelengths and realised monolithically integrated chip spectrometers. VTT has demonstrated customised optical instruments for various applications within UV to thermal IR, ranging from gas sensors to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for agricultural monitoring, and space instruments for nanosatellite missions. They have also worked with medical applications, including fast diagnostic fluorescence readers and a fundus camera for detection of eye diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy.


Piezo FPI Platform

Piezo FPIs offer high-performance customized optical filter solutions for demanding application needs in hyperspectral imaging. The filters cover wavelength ranges from 200 nm to 20 µm. Spectral resolution can be as low as 1 nm and aperture from 7 – 25 mm. Modules are suitable for high-end aerospace, analytical and medical applications where optical performance is critical.

Filter Modules

Memsfab can manufacture high-performance customized hyperspectral filter modules based on Piezo FPI platform. Applications can range from medical imaging device, drones for precision agriculture, chemical imaging, remote gas sensing and nano-satellites.