Tecnology & Applications

Silicon Photonics

Optical Communications

Design and fabrication service for Si-Photonics communication chips. Customers can also create their own design using VTT’s process design kits (PDKs) that are supported by the commercial PhoeniX and IPKISS design tools. By combining rib and strip-shaped waveguides it is possible to achieve single-mode operation over an ultra-wide wavelength range (e.g. 1.2-3 µm) while integrating optics into an extremely small footprint with bending radius down to a few micrometers.

Sensing & Imaging

Optical switches, tunable wavelength filters, wavelength (de)multiplexers and modulators are just some of the basic components that can be miniaturized and combined into advanced optical systems on a chip. See an example of applying Si photonics for medical imaging with our customers.

More detailed information on the technology platform is available from VTT’s Si-Photonics webpage.