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Seamless path
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Manufacturing Services

VTT Memsfab Ltd is a VTT subsidiary company providing low to medium-volume wafer processing services. We focus on MEMS, photonic components and other micro/nano-electronic devices.

Our manufacturing is typically based on established technology platforms co-developed with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Our services allow you to quickly design and manufacture new components in the same fab, eliminating costly and risky tech-transfer projects.

Few foundries offer access to the depth of R&D expertise in device and platform development that VTT can offer. We can help you realize your new product ambitions – by leveraging our prior investments in world class facilities and proven technology platforms we can cost effectively develop and manufacture your products allowing you to get to market faster while minimizing R&D risk.

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World Class Infrastructure

The VTT Micronova Fab has the facilities and equipment to support R&D and manufacturing across a broad range of materials and processes.

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Access to Experts

Over 120 research scientists dedicated to micro-electronics. Extensive IPR and know-how across multiple technologies.

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Professional Fab Operations

A dedicated commercial fab operations team to deliver process stability, capability, trace-ability and minimal downtime.

Why it makes sense to manufacture with your R&D partner

There are many good reasons to work with your R&D partner. MEMS processing can be complex and specific to the equipment with which the process was developed, this makes tech transfer costly, risky and time consuming.

A small number of wafers may easily satisfy annual demand for many components – marginal cost reductions in a device made by a high volume fab can be easily offset by the time lost and added investment to ensure a successful tech transfer. Even then, you may still require a second source supplier. Explore the article below to see how you can achieve a timely and cost effective new product introduction.

Find out why Aivon works with
VTT & Memsfab

Aivon is a specialty manufacturer of superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) sensors. Their highly sensitive components are a critical part of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) scanners that are used to measure neural activities in the brain.
The manufacturing process design and development was originally done by VTT in the 1990s after which small quantities were produced in various research projects. As the market for MEG scanners developed, specific products were made for this application and were manufactured in the Micronova cleanrooms by VTT. The production was then transferred to VTT Memsfab who continue to supply the sensors to Aivon.


According to Jari Penttilä, CEO of Aivon, “to develop and subsequently manufacture our products, it was essential to work with the experts at VTT and to be able to use the unique processing equipment available in the Micronova fab”. In addition to the process know-how, Aivon were also able to license critical IPR from VTT, helping to maintain a clear competitive advantage. Penttillä adds that “transferring the process from R&D to production was a relatively simple process as we were working in the same fab – Memsfab has proven to be a reliable production supplier and can provide full traceability of the manufacturing process which is important for the customers in the markets in which we operate”.